A Comfortable Chiropractic Experience

Dr. Willhite and his team at Calumet Avenue Chiropractic take pride in giving his patients a comfortable and professional chiropractic experience. This office’s commitment to patient education begins in the reception area. A small chiropractic and holistic health reference library is maintained in the office including the most recent chiropractic and medical research articles relating to general and specific health and well–being. Informative brochures and handouts are available to patients at no cost.

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Meet Dr. Willhite

Dr. Willhite evaluates his patients systematically and thoroughly by performing an extensive history, chiropractic, neurological and orthopedic exam. X-ray examination and laboratory testing are performed on an as needed basis. Patient care consists of a proven approach. Dr. Willhite utilizes several adjustive procedures and spinal analyses. In conjunction with the adjustments patients receive specific spinal exercises. Dr. Willhite uses his education to treat a range of complicated medical issues. To find out more you can view our about page.