Chiropractic Patient Information

At Calumet Avenue Chiropractic, Dr. Willhite and his team take a stance of being open and taking a realistic attitude of accepting ourselves and other for what and who they are. We are honest with ourselves and our patients, striving to be positive and optimistic. This is the type of care you can expect when you use Calumet Avenue Chiropractic.

We always welcome new patients and walk-ins, and do not try tactics such as introductory offers to lure patients in. If you want to set up an appointment with us, fill out the form below or contact us today for more information.

Patient Services

First time patients should anticipate up to an hour and a half for their first appointment, with existing patients having an appointment between ten and twenty minutes. We ask that you bring any insurance information that may pertain. For payment information please see below Payment Methods.

comprehensive pricing and care

Comprehensive Pricing & Care

We believe in the value of chiropractic care and have set up a flexible pricing structure to ensure you are able to receive the chiropractic service you need, no matter what your insurance or budget.

We accept most major insurance plans but know that coverage for chiropractic care can vary widely. Our staff will be happy to verify your benefits and explain them to you at no charge. Co-payments are expected at the time of service.

We also accept auto accident, worker compensation, and personal injury cases that have resulted in back, neck pain, or any other related pain conditions. See our services page for a list of health problems we can treat.

Insurance Carries We Accept

*If UHC is the administrator.